On belief systems

Looking back at all the people who thought I was crazy, I realized they all had a couple things in common. Their fixed views and limited beliefs. If I told them I could hold my arm over steam about a couple inches away without being burned, they’d laugh and say “No you can’t” in a condescending manner. If I told them I don’t wear a coat in the winter and I stand there for thirty minutes to an hour typically they’d say the same thing. After they witness it, they start to scramble and try to make sense of it all trying to defend their fixed and limited views and their rigid belief systems. I’d hear them say “it’s the power of the mind”, but why didn’t they didn’t offer that view before they refused the idea? How quickly they change their tune after they witness it? The more rigid the stick, the more harshly it snaps. Why not be pliable and soft and bend so that you experience more directions that you’re swaying in? It seems better than the one straight rigid view experiencing nothing more. This pattern repeats every time and it is quite humorous. At every point of my progress, I’ve heard these things. If I listened to them, where would I be now? Stuck in the same old box they stuffed me in going nowhere. Keep in mind that having a healthy amount of skepticism is good. I think this quote is great.

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true.” – Soren Kierkegaard

I’ll try to continue to challenge belief systems, so that the naysayers will eventually see how their rigid thoughts are leading them into a boring fixed box that they are living in. Why not imagine, create, flow, invent! Look at everything we haven’t done or haven’t tried to see differently. Get out there! Dream like you were a child again, discover and expand!

Class on Wednesday April 8th 2015!

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the delays and misquoted dates. I don’t want to start my first introductory classes looking like a flake, because when it comes to what I like, I’m passionate about it! It’s difficult to find free space to work from, and beggars can’t be choosers. Finally, I’ve been given an opportunity to share with all of you what I’ve learnt.

So… Wednesday April the 8th, at 7pm, I’ll be guiding a classroom of people in the formless healing arts for about an hour and a half.  This class will have vital information for beginners and for the advanced healers alike. This is going to be a practical applications only class, as I found this to be the most accelerated way to become a good healer.  Reading books and understanding theory will only get you so far and will not yield these results.  I’m here to instruct in real world applications of healing.  I guide the people quickly with a powerfully concise teaching style so that each and every person who attends should be able to heal to a certain extent by the end of the night.  The benefit of this night is going to be accelerated because I implement the round robin technique so that you’ll have multiple people to heal in one sitting.  This allows for knowing how you sense energy on different people of different vibrations. Most healings only use a person or two in one healing session.  I want all or most of us to exchange sensing and being sensed by others during this night.  This is intended to be a very educational and fun night.  We will accomplish a lot in this one night and I’m planning to shock you at how quickly you will learn.

Egos at the door please, I must insist.  I have an unorthodox healing style that I have created through the last couple years yielding fast effective results, often generating instantaneous pain relief. Please donate what you can to the person allowing for our teaching space and possibly some for my gas expenses. Thank you.

LOCATION *******************

1550 – 16th Avenue, Building D, Unit 4. North East corner of 16th and Leslie. Look for the KKP and the Hand & Stone signs. This isn’t a school, but a quiet meeting room where it can hold 20 people comfortably.

Just wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  This is the list of things to be covered through the course of this night…

1) I’ll begin with a quick guided meditation.

2) I’ll walk people through becoming sensitive to the energies around them.

3) Separating the different energies so we can begin to heal.

4) Advanced or deeper healing for more difficult situations.

5) Self healing techniques for chronic pains.

6) End of class energy lifting and clearing.

7) Q&A which will most likely be at a coffee shop since this space was provided very generously by a friend, and I won’t abuse it.

I hope to see and connect with you all there.  Formless Movement