free healing sessions!

  • At this point in time, my class is closed to new members, but I’m looking for people who are ill.   Anyone may come for FREE healing.  Continue to take whatever methods you like for your personal health, but my classes will offer free energy healing and will run for approximately 3 months weekly on Tuesdays. This allows 3 months of free therapy every week. Healing sessions begin after my lecture to my members.  Healings by my members will begin around 7:45pm every Tuesday until the conclusion of my class at around 8:30pm.  The location is at (click link to get to the my school) CATA 120 Newkirk in Richmond Hill Ontario.

Come out and experience Formless  Movement energy healing for yourself or share this with your loved ones.  Your time and your gas are the only  things you may lose, but you may gain a world of unknown knowledge if you come out.  Donations are welcomed but never necessary. Thank you.