July 30th Updated healing picture of the week and karma

beach-691427_640Again I’m going to make this brief; I am posting to log my progress with energy healing, to help people with healing, and to discuss what the “Donation” represents in YOUR life.

Note to all users: This is set for only certain types of people and may not work for some.  I have faith that this energy that works through me will affect the ones who are on the same vibration.  I can make no promises and I apologize to not be able to help you all….for now.

Just in case you don’t care about what I’m doing in my life or don’t want to get to a deeper understanding of yourself, I’m going to post how to heal yourself through the images that I will try to update once a week.  (I’m lazy so it might stay up a while)

***************How the healing picture works:

Before you begin, notice your mental or physical state and rate that level mentally so that you do notice the change mentally or physically.  After you’ve set your baseline of pain or distress of the mind, look at the picture included in this post and just get a feel for it.  Don’t engage in the details, but just absorb the image before you.  Notice the feeling coming from image and then go back to the sensations of your body.  Continue or repeat to receive healing from the image.  If you’ve noticed your pain or mental distress level lower or disappear completely and would like to donate to my cause, please donate what you can so that I will continue to share healing images for all to benefit.  Thank you.

What the donation represents to YOU.  As you know, my blog doesn’t tell me who  any of you are or who has looked at my image and have used it.  Your actions are a direct reflection of what stage you are at in your development.  I don’t judge anyone for what they do.  I realize that we are all at our own levels of understanding in life.  Some people donate because they received great benefits from my pictures, while some get great results but would not donate because they feel happy with running away with FREE healing so to speak, because that makes them feel good.  Also there are some who have no money to donate at all, but I encourage you to write a review on my page or on my Facebook Page under Formless Movement, or on this blog as payment.  Karma isn’t necessarily something that happens to you later, but it seems to represent the existence you’re living and  experiencing now.  I wish you all luck in finding your path.

All efforts to spread Formless Movement is appreciated, so please share with others who are ill and leave comments on how it has helped if you have the time or energy to do so.   Thank you for visiting my blog.