On traditions and limitations

I know I’m not going to make many friends in my endeavor, but this is my path, and people willing to listen, please do.  In my view of traditions, they are great to have to look back upon and gain some knowledge or insight, but adhering to them may be limiting.  For example, let’s say a grandmaster of an art is teaching his disciples his form of art, but one day dies unexpectedly and fails to deliver his full message or his full knowledge to his best disciple.  What then?  The lineage gets weakened through time.  This may happen time and time again till it’s nothing more than a watered down version of its original glory.  This is not my intention.  What I propose to do is encourage growth as I pass away one day.  I’d like to plant the seed for the people who follow this method to expand beyond me and my knowledge so that the teachings never stop or get watered down.  They will grow and expand beyond my very short life and continually become better.  I’m not going to excite a form of dependency where I have a countless number of people following me like sheep.  I’m not here to prop myself up or boost my ego to say I’ve got X amount of people following me.  I need to breed freethinking creative individuals!  If I manage through my efforts to just have people following me like little lost puppies, I would have failed on my goal.  I want to free the people who begin to follow me.  Follow at first to understand what I’m trying to teach, then go free.  Learn my message and my art then find your own path.  Every individual needs to find their own path, and nobody can walk you through that door.  I’ve heard the saying “There are no bad students, only bad teachers.”, but what I want you to realize is that YOU are both the student AND your own teacher.  I can explain a philosophy to free your mind 100 times, but until you believe it fully within yourself, it means absolutely nothing!  So you must be your own light onto yourself.  I’m not an English major or scholar and I’m not the best at explaining things, so I hope I get my message across.  I’ll continue to do my best as always.

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