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Spirituality and Veganism?

I saw a question the other day about whether veganism would help with a person’s spirituality. For some background into this individuals challenges, he has anxiety and a touch of depression. This person also expressed his discomfort with eating meat but mentioned that his family had been doing this since his birth and also that this was still the norm to eat meat in society.

In this post we will take a deeper look into a person’s spiritual development, and how a person’s eating choices can directly influence a person’s growth.

“Once unified, all actions will become an act of freedom and expression.”

To explain more clearly about this matter, some level of awareness must arise from eating meat first. Secondly, the person must also have some regret, guilt, or some difficulty with eating meat. This resistance can also appear in the form of a feeling or it can manifest in defensive actions. I must also mention that others who have not come to these conclusions, will not be affected in their development.

An excuse or explanation is actually a defensive action. Think about this person for example. He threw in the example of how long his family’s been eating meat and that it is the choice of the majority in order to try to justify the action of eating meat. There’s always a “but” in his statement because he’s finding the path a daunting one to live and eat like a vegan. He could also be contemplating the judgement and disapproval of his friends and family.

Have you ever wondered why people try to get others to do “bad” things? I have, and I often feel people try to entice others into the “bad” behaviour so that they can feel less guilty, or so they have a feeling of shared responsibility.

“The true issue is living in conflict with your own thoughts and actions…”

I feel that society is becoming more aware of what is actually going on with animals, options to escape the societal pressure to obey and conform needs to be presented. In this case, it’s as basic as knowing your own truth and living it.

Following makes life seem easier, but by doing so often causes conflict in many people. These resistances are often shrugged off since everyone else is doing it, so again the shared responsibility kicks in. You might feel good for a short while, but distractions in life can only help you forget your actions that cause misalignment for a short while.

If people eating meat can say that they love animals (not just their pets), but continue to eat meat, they create conflict within themselves. This would create stress 3x a day on most eating schedules and leave people with a sense of misalignment. The real conflict is between what they say and what they do.

Stress, anxiety, depression are a great burden to begin with. Now throw in judgement of daily food choices into the mix and imagine how this can take a person off their spiritual game.

“Whoever sees me sees the teaching, and whoever sees the teaching sees me.”

To be fully in alignment with your true self, one will then have no internal conflict with what one says and what one does. Once unified, all actions will become an act of freedom and expression.

Like I’ve mentioned before, if you have absolutely no qualms with eating meat, you will not be affected and can ascend as others will. The true issue is living in conflict with your own thoughts and actions that will take you out of a unified movement towards your true being.

“Whoever sees me sees the teaching, and whoever sees the teaching sees me.”

~Siddhārtha Gautama

To sum this post up, it isn’t dependant on being a vegan or a vegetarian to develop to a higher level of consciousness, it is merely a matter of living your truth. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of how to be in full alignment with your true self, go out and take action!

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