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Spirituality and Veganism?

I saw a question the other day about whether veganism would help with a person’s spirituality. For some background into this individuals challenges, he has anxiety and a touch of depression. This person also expressed his discomfort with eating meat but mentioned that his family had been doing this since his birth and also that this was still the norm to eat meat in society.

In this post we will take a deeper look into a person’s spiritual development, and how a person’s eating choices can directly influence a person’s growth.

“Once unified, all actions will become an act of freedom and expression.”

To explain more clearly about this matter, some level of awareness must arise from eating meat first. Secondly, the person must also have some regret, guilt, or some difficulty with eating meat. This resistance can also appear in the form of a feeling or it can manifest in defensive actions. I must also mention that others who have not come to these conclusions, will not be affected in their development.

An excuse or explanation is actually a defensive action. Think about this person for example. He threw in the example of how long his family’s been eating meat and that it is the choice of the majority in order to try to justify the action of eating meat. There’s always a “but” in his statement because he’s finding the path a daunting one to live and eat like a vegan. He could also be contemplating the judgement and disapproval of his friends and family.

Have you ever wondered why people try to get others to do “bad” things? I have, and I often feel people try to entice others into the “bad” behaviour so that they can feel less guilty, or so they have a feeling of shared responsibility.

“The true issue is living in conflict with your own thoughts and actions…”

I feel that society is becoming more aware of what is actually going on with animals, options to escape the societal pressure to obey and conform needs to be presented. In this case, it’s as basic as knowing your own truth and living it.

Following makes life seem easier, but by doing so often causes conflict in many people. These resistances are often shrugged off since everyone else is doing it, so again the shared responsibility kicks in. You might feel good for a short while, but distractions in life can only help you forget your actions that cause misalignment for a short while.

If people eating meat can say that they love animals (not just their pets), but continue to eat meat, they create conflict within themselves. This would create stress 3x a day on most eating schedules and leave people with a sense of misalignment. The real conflict is between what they say and what they do.

Stress, anxiety, depression are a great burden to begin with. Now throw in judgement of daily food choices into the mix and imagine how this can take a person off their spiritual game.

“Whoever sees me sees the teaching, and whoever sees the teaching sees me.”

To be fully in alignment with your true self, one will then have no internal conflict with what one says and what one does. Once unified, all actions will become an act of freedom and expression.

Like I’ve mentioned before, if you have absolutely no qualms with eating meat, you will not be affected and can ascend as others will. The true issue is living in conflict with your own thoughts and actions that will take you out of a unified movement towards your true being.

“Whoever sees me sees the teaching, and whoever sees the teaching sees me.”

~Siddhārtha Gautama

To sum this post up, it isn’t dependant on being a vegan or a vegetarian to develop to a higher level of consciousness, it is merely a matter of living your truth. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of how to be in full alignment with your true self, go out and take action!

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How I experienced ONENESS?

No matter which viewpoint you take in this world, you should always see the oneness in it all. Viewpoints in life bring rise to separation and duality in our physical reality. Let me explain further…

“To resist what is offered by form is to deny the understanding of the formless.”

My movement, for example, is one in which people and healing styles should be expressed freely and not to be contained by systems or fixed by rules. Perhaps I’ve taken this viewpoint just to provide the contrast to the majority of beliefs and to give rise to another perspective. Although I try to play the role well, I still see the oneness behind this formless movement I’m creating.

To resist what is offered by form is to deny the understanding of the formless. One gives rise to the other in the reality of duality. Without egoic boundaries of who we think we are or what we believe in, we lose our identities and melt into the oneness… It then finally stops being us vs them.

Up does not exist if there is no down, the light would not be known if not for darkness, or what would be considered right without a wrong? The contrasts in the world of duality only come into existence when one of the two states implies the other.

In each case presented, have you realized that these positions of understanding or beliefs only exist in juxtaposition to the other? They are literally the flip side of the exact same coin. One example is dependant on the other to bring rise to the complementary opposite.

This view was further demonstrated by a close brush with death which left me with the deep knowing of the philosophical understanding of oneness. It took me waking from this near-death experience to allow me to not just conceptualize the idea of oneness, but to know it.

“That barren experience of Death had gifted me with such a rich experience of life.”

That lack of any sensory feedback from that dark void gave my waking life a whole new perspective. It was that great contrast between life and death that completed my understanding of oneness.

At that moment, all my sensory experiences exploded with such detail as I climbed out of darkness into the illumination of consciousness. That barren experience of Death had gifted me with such a rich experience of life.

“To live and to live life robustly in the present moment brought me to the most direct experience with life and to intimately know oneness.”

The barriers had dropped and I was left with only my experiences. There were no more goals to achieve, no goals… except to live in its entirety.

To this moment I give thanks for my brief visit to the void, for it showed me how precious life truly is. To live and to live life robustly in the present moment brought me to the most direct experience with life and to intimately know oneness. It’s great to be back, but I’ve decided I’m going to live life differently this time around.

What do you really want?

Have you ever asked yourself deeply about what you really want? No, really… have you?

Before we get into this topic, I must address a certain understanding I realized many people still don’t see or notice. Many times spiritual people look for “spiritual” items which may or may not be a tangible item in the physical world. These items are exactly the same as others living a fully material experience buying fancy clothing, cars, houses, and outward fame, success, power etc.

Many of my discussions from long ago often pointed to this understanding that spiritual pursuits are merely rebranded to seem spiritual, yet they remain just things like wearing a fancy clothing brand.

By swapping the name or focus of the item doesn’t change the fundamental illusion, and the temporary pleasure of getting that item. Instead of that new white gold bracelet, you buy mala beads, or instead of being a snob in a social club, you’re now a spiritual snob trying to prove you’re more spiritual than the next person.

At this point I’d like to bring you back to the main topic at hand and how this all relates to what you really want. Behind all these things that we chase no matter whether it’s a material item or a spiritual item, we feel that through these items we will finally reach happiness.

Think about it… All the things you’ve told yourself “I want this” or “I want to achieve that” leads you to the same exact place… You’ve been trapped in the illusion of Maya this whole time!

“You’ve been trapped in the illusion of Maya this whole time!”

So no matter what name you’ve given your physical or spiritual goal, by saying I’m looking for enlightenment, power, less ego, or success, you’ve set yourself up for failure. In this shadow boxing scenario where you’re looking for that KO punch, your success lies in another plane of existence.

Focus NOW on finding happiness because the hurdles you’ve created by making it some sort of promise that you will be happy when these goals are reached, is the greatest trap you’ve created for yourself.

Go for your goal directly, and not in a round about way. Happiness is not based on all these dependencies, it should always be a direct experience of life. If you’re living life with a goal in mind, your experience of life has been lived with a barrier.

These goals have created a barrier between you and living your life fully! By being distracted by these methods to prove to yourself and others that you are enlightened, or more evolved, it has literally stolen life from you.

So I’m hoping I’ve shown you something that has gotten you closer to knowing what you want and how you’ve been seeking happiness this whole time in the realm of Maya. The rest of your journey must be taken by you.

To reach this state for you specifically would require your own understanding or simple guidance from another seeing past these illusions. I often see what many are doing but if you never admit or reach out for guidance, nobody can help except yourself. Good luck on your journey.

My Near Death Experience and my Reawakening!

So, I didn’t post this until now but I had this video sitting ready to be uploaded a while ago. It wasn’t the easiest video to speak out about bei

ng typically a private and actually introverted person, but I figure this is my log of my journey so I might as well go for it! I hope some of you get something out of my video log of my life.

My NDE & reawakening video!

Synesthetes and spirituality!


For non readers watch below…

Are you a spiritual X-MEN?

Readers continue on here…

Have you heard of the term synesthesia or synesthete?  If you’ve been following me so far, I’m just journaling my way through videos mainly but I hit other platforms to share what I’ve discovered on my strange journey.

I’m not fully certain about this topic connecting synesthetes and some spiritual practitioners, but I’d like to bring it up to people in either community or others who fit into both.

When I began energy work, it started off probably differently, but as I looked even deeper and came across this term synthenisia, I felt I might have this in my area of interest.

Think about it, shamans were known to be different, Empaths feel too much, healers are quacks, channellers are possessed or whatever the general public think. Have you ever connected the two?

It’s no wonder I had a hard time teaching others what I was doing since I think I’m touched with a version of synesthesia. Like most of these synesthetes, they only realize decades into their lives!  The same goes for me and that’s probably a reason why I created my mini series for developing sensitive synesthetes in this area. I want to reach out to others like myself.  I create videos more than I write, because I can’t read or write well but I try to make things as simple as possible for others to follow. Watch my video and see if you’re one of these people with this mutation!

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What is Formless Movement?


I’ve made a video version of what Formless Movement is because everything I’ve learned was through videos and hands on experience. I was never a scholar and found it very difficult to read even today so I’d like to offer knowledge through videos so I can help others just like myself!


What is Formless Movement video!