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Hopes and Expectations.

Lately I’ve been interacting with few but considerably aware people. I tend to gather inspiration from interactions from certain individuals and then I’m able to create. It allows for posts and possibly YouTube videos or audios to be created.

I see the challenges within their lives and I see how I relate to these situations as well. These hurdles that they face are often the exact challenges I faced or still face today on occasion.

As pioneers and dreamers, we often have many hopes and dreams, but many do not come to fruition. We try to reach an audience, a group with similar views but this could be the crux of many visions and dreams.

As many have heard “It was the expectation that hurt the most.”. This applies to all things in life whether it be a friend, a partner, or even an event, it was the expectation that hurt. On top of noticing that pain, but the realization that you created that expectation that caused that discomfort came from yourself is the real kicker.

As I had coffee with another friend, he said the same thing about people hurting your feelings. Another great lesson when you realize nobody hurts your feelings besides yourself. Your thoughts and beliefs of what someone says about you is up to you whether you accept it or not.

In all cases, the outcome of the event can possibly bring about elation or disappointment depending on your mindset. Hopes are always there whenever we take action in our lives, yet our hopes don’t always have expectations accompanying it.

In the end, be open enough to realize that to fulfill your (expect)ations isn’t a requirement that the universe owes anyone, but at every precious moment granted to us… Hope and dream as big as possible.

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