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Trying to be Authentic

Trying to be yourself doesn’t require effort. All these methods you’ve created to find yourself is much like a person looking for the location “here”. No matter where you go on or off this earth, you are always here.

To be authentic is actually effortless in the same way, but to plan and try to look a certain way is actually where trying begins. People “try” to look like something because they must feel pressure and judgement from themselves.

“…but to plan and try to look a certain way is actually where trying begins.”

Playing the game is felt by people and I’ll speak up if it gets out of hand. To bring certain people to an awareness of what they’re “trying” to do isn’t typically my thing, but I may speak up once again. The game of comparing and upping another is still a game of the ego.

To have a deep conversation about a spiritual nature, I feel I can hold my own, but I just let go when I’m not discussing it in a detailed post. To be that mindful of every word or phrase used seems like a personal prison. (Topic of free-will)

This situation happened the other night while discussing “healing”. At a deeper level you could just realize that “healing” happens because of the “patients” energy and not the “healer”. You could also have a deeper understanding of it by realizing that this is just part of the universal plan to have people meet, and then to have “healing” occur.

Whichever way you perceive it, from the micro to the macro view, that freedom belongs to you how to express that word and meaning to cater to the masses. To worry about the sticklers who want to spell check your every word to display superiority is a waste of anyone’s life unless that’s your job. People who have higher knowledge actually don’t look at petty corrections I’d hope…

The examples I’ve left here are basic everyday things to look at. Within your daily routines and living life, to be free and wildly expressive is a great release. You’re not “trying” to be someone because you already are that person. To micromanage your every word and policing your every movement because you’re afraid of judgement is a terrible mental prison.

“You’re not “trying” to be someone because you already are that person.”

To be honest, I did a lot of introspection before I let go into this space. I looked at myself and I accepted who I saw in the reflection. Being authentic is the most real version of yourself. Shedding the thoughts and efforts of “appearing” a certain way and trading it for simply “being” will be one of the greatest releases yet one of the greatest realizations.

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How to use Personal Power

As I walked one day with a friend I brought up the topic of personal power. As this phrase has been used quite often in posts I’d like to share what this means to me.

In the perspective of a personal balance and ego, whether you feel more or less empowered by people or an event happening around you is really a game of the ego.

Needing self-empowerment and  personal power are just a sign that something within you should shift. If you should feel you are lacking in these areas, it’s time to reevaluate where you stand in life. The state of equanimity is the state of deep serenity within.

“True personal power is being in the presence of your own greatness independent of people around you.”

Walking into a room with personal power shouldn’t be a strut of arrogance comparing yourself to others and feeling higher than others. It should be a shameless, confident walk with a deeper look and an understanding of who you really are. All comparisons fall away because they really don’t matter when your focus is on yourself and how you feel. Personal power is being in the presence of your own greatness independent of people around you.

Your personal view of yourself and how you judge yourself is one of the greatest challenges you’ll need to face, but watch how you implement your use of personal power. Don’t feel less than who you are and feel down, but to push it beyond into the other spectrum is to create imbalance with your own self image.

“..notice the serenity arise within that space.”

To find that point of equilibrium, there shouldn’t be an effort but more of an observation. The awareness of your personal view of yourself and when you feel higher than someone or lower than someone is that sign of the ego creeping in. Simply watch your thoughts, notice how you feel and you should notice the serenity arise within that space.

In this post about personal power the key is to be mindful of your use and understanding of that phrase. Like the Yin and Yang or the Buddhist’s teaching of the middle way, this is the exact time to implement such understandings and to feel lighter.

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