On doing “nothing” to further yourself

So how do we further ourselves without doing anything?  Well it sounds like we’re just sitting around hoping for enlightenment to drop on our laps, but not really. Let’s explore this further. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but there are some prerequisites to this advancement before we begin.  Firstly, you must be headed in the general direction of seeking the truth. Most of you reading this post I would assume are at least mildly interested in seeking the truth or finding themselves. This is a good step towards the right direction, and if this goal is in fact sincere, I believe you’ll find your path and begin walking it.

Meditation is a good place to begin your journey, but herein lies the problem that many people face. The conflict of “wanting” to go further is your biggest obstacle, so you need to let go. What you need to do is just meditate because you enjoy it without the attachment of attainment. This conflict you face is the reason many people don’t move forward in their advancement. Meditation in pursuit of  gaining something more is flawed largely due to the fact that your goals are split into two paths. One goal is to attain, and the other is to silence your mind. When your thoughts, words and actions are split, the end result is weakened. You lack sincerity so to speak, so meditate just to reach the blissful silence at the end of your endeavour. Through this sincere effortadvancement will come naturally. To keep your eyes on two goals at one time, you lack sincerity and you will find that you’ll obtain nothing of value.

I find that people who are further along in their studies seem to get closer by being effortless, and don’t exhibit the strain involved because they don’t seek it. They have a general direction they’re moving towards, but have no method, and are formless. I believe they’ve uncovered the way of letting go. Truly letting go and not proclaiming the freedom of their mind is the key, as one should be deeply honest with oneself.  Saying and doing are two different things, as is thinking, saying and doing are at a completely different level. You must be honest with yourself as you should be gentle.  

I’ve read before about sages and masters mentioning words like empty or doing nothing.  I believe that this is what they were referring to. Empty your mind of desires and do what you love, and by doing so, you will find your path without effort. It would seem as though you’re doing absolutely nothing  in terms of exertion.  Without the sway of what society tells you, or your family or your friends, you’ll find your true self and path. So to search for the truth is actually not to search… It is merely just to live as yourself and live it fully in a sincere manner.