My purpose

One of my main goals is to teach healing to other people. It is much easier than you think. Since my introduction to energy healing late in 2012, I’m able to do the following….

Bio manipulate people which implies I can heal.

Resist heat

Resist cold

Project unseen energy to melt clouds. Listen to my intentions right at the start of the video before you dismiss what you see.

The reason I post these first isn’t to boast or try to elevate myself. These abilities are nothing in comparison to the mental freedom you receive as you make your way towards enlightenment. I post these in order to gain a reputation just so people will listen. People don’t listen to a nobody. I have no credibility since I have no certificate or background. Look through my site for useful information and knowledge, but please note, this isn’t a blog to entertain you, it is purely for knowledge. Thanks for visiting.

Second class of the healing series June 30th

Furthering our practice in healing and seeing the aura

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2015, 7:00 PM

Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts (CATA)
120 Newkirk Road (North of Major Mac), Unit 12 Richmond Hill, ON

11 Formless Members Went

Members this time will again further themselves with their practice with sensing the energy around us.  I will facilitate by walking around answering questions if needed, and healing members here and there.  Again there will be a round robin style where members will be able to practice on one another. Practical usage is key in my classroom, as read…

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The responsibility of a Master

I’ve always felt that energy healing had some inherent issues, and today I’m going to bring to light one of these very deep rooted problems. One very important issue is the responsibility of a Master.

In today’s modern healing subculture, we are seeing a multitude of different styles being created and rebranded. Each one has a corresponding “Grand Master” or creator, that then brings the teachings to a “Master”, who then teaches subsequent students to become a “Master” themselves. This pyramid style of teaching isn’t what bothers me when I look at the current system, but the level of sincerity when graduating students to the next level.

As a Master of your art of healing, you have a great responsibility to teach thoroughly and assess each and every student before you graduate them to the next level of your system. The problem is that the system of advancing to the next level is questionable when there is a conflict of interest. Not in all cases, but I would say there are cases of greed and lack of sincerity involved. If a Master can receive 3 to 4 hundred dollars to pass out a piece of paper claiming that you’ve passed your level of instruction, I’m sure many greedy and insincere Masters would. If you’re rejecting what I’m saying, it’s probably because deep down you’re one of these teachers poisoning the very system you’re trying to falsely build. On the flip side, the one’s who understand and feel where I’m coming from are probably nodding their heads in agreement.

To take this form of wrong action in your practice, you’ll not only hurt the community as a whole, you’re essentially poisoning your own business. Basically, you’re giving out papers claiming these students can heal, but in reality they can’t. Eventually every healer including yourself will be looked upon as a fraud. There will be less true healers apposed to false ones walking around. This will be a message being sent to the general public, that our art of healing doesn’t work as they may get no results. They will most likely spread the word of their experience to others until our healing practices again looks like a joke to “normal” people. First impressions mean a lot, and if this ended up being their first encounter with energy healing, it won’t be a good one.

What you’re doing in giving away a piece of paper that doesn’t represent a person’s level of achievement, isn’t helping them with their self esteem either. Don’t give out a certificate to the student just because you like them or feel sorry for them. If s/he can’t attain that level of mastery, the moment s/he take on their first patient and can’t perform, there will be great doubt and turmoil within them. This doesn’t help anyone and can damage the very practice you’re trying to grow. If your student isn’t made for this practice, it’s better off to be honest and let s/he know early on. Our healing practices don’t have a governing body to “test” graduates, so be honest but gentle. Every one of you passing out papers graduating students to the next level are fully responsible for the future of energy healing. You are the final deciding factor that either builds a healthy foundation for our practices, or you will be contributing to the eventual collapse of our practices.

Please take these points into consideration and be a proud responsible teacher to all your students. Most importantly, if you’ve done what I’ve described in this post, don’t be upset, as we all make mistakes. See your past faults and change now. Don’t continue down the wrong path. Your students are your children, so nurture them and allow them to grow in an honest loving manner. As a teacher, I hope one day you’ll look upon your past students as a peer and be proud of what he or she has become.