Infinite awareness and oneness

This is the final installment of my 3 latest entries. If you haven’t read my other two posts leading up to this one, you may get lost or miss some valuable information.

Discovering our true selves

The true “awakened” state

This post will finally connect my last two posts and lead you to the understanding of how our awareness is in fact infinite and how we are all interconnected. All my theories are testable and should never be just believed. I encourage you to test these with your own experience.

One concept that is most commonly believed in is that as individuals, we carry a piece of consciousness somewhere in our heads. This awareness is located within our bodies, and we own a piece of it. Well that would lead us to believe that consciousness/awareness is fragmented. Well tell me, where does your consciousness begin and where does it end?  Do we walk around with a bubble of consciousness?  When people meet, do our consciousnesses meet and bump into each other?  No…there isn’t an edge or limit to be found!

Also, most of us would think that we experience the same shared world together with different awarenesses.  For instance, we see the same moon in the sky from different parts of the city. This would suggest that we all have a fragment of awareness that witnesses the one event/world that we live in, when in fact we experience the exact opposite of this. Somehow we’ve come to a belief that there are all these parcels of consciousness placed in each of us and we experience this one common world. 

Look at it this way instead, no matter how close we sit together, even if we were pressed up against each other’s faces, our perception of the moon that exists in this “shared world”  wouldn’t be exactly the same. It would be close but never the same. Now this experiment is founded on an experience, not just a belief, it can be tested.

The more accepted point of view would be only a belief that we live in a shared world with a bunch of separate parcels of consciousnesses in each of us. This method of testing just revealed the difference between your experience vs your belief in this matter, a matter in which we don’t usually question.

In this brief post, I hope to have demonstrated with simplicity, that there is no proof of a shared world, but one of a singular consciousness.  Our society is based on a world which believes in a single material world, and one of multiple consciousnesses, but through these tests, it is revealed that it is the exact opposite that appears to be true. There is one consciousness which cannot be divided that connects us all, and not the material world.


The true “awakened” state

After my last post about breaking free from the ego and finding out what our true essence is, this typically leads to a series of follow up questions.  For example, “If we are made of consciousness, don’t we disappear when we are in deep sleep or knocked unconscious?”.  People who are not mindful enough to understand this concept will usually make comments just like these.  I’m again going to break this knowledge down in a short concise manner for the ones who are able to digest the following philosophy.  If you didn’t read my previous blog post, I’d suggest you read that entry first to avoid confusion.  old post here

Simply put when we are “awake” in our every day life, we think that we are experiencing the totality of being, that we have the whole gamut of the universe right here in the palm of our hands.  I mean surely with all our myriad of experiences that we encounter in our daily lives, how could we ever be “unconscious” now compared to the state we are in in deep sleep or in the unfortunate situation when we are knocked unconscious?

Now if you know about the full spectrum of light, and how little we can actually see, you’d realize that our vision is extremely limited. Our ears as you know are also very similar in that regards.  The majority of animals trump us in this area as well.  To notice these 2 simple limitations, you are brought to the realization of our limitations while “awake”.

So  where does this leave things you ask?  I’ve explained one half of the equation, but how is our “sleep” state any form of full awareness?  This is where my other post will bridge these two entries together.

The fact that our founding beliefs are so grounded in our material world of perceptions, thoughts, and sensations, we are lost on this illusion.  As you can tell, I’ve easily demonstrated that this world is actually the world of limitation!  When you are in deep sleep, the limits of your eyes (perceptions), are not limited. As well, the limits of what your skin feels (sensations) are not limited.  This “real” world that we live in is our box or pinhole of unlimited awareness (consciousness).  Awareness peeks out through this sliver of experiences as a piece of the whole, the ONENESS, that we are truly apart of.

So to tie it all together, the state of “deep sleep” is the state of fullness with no limitations, while our “awake” state is actually the state of extreme limitation.  I hope this brief explanation cuts straight to the point of our true “awakened” state.

Discovering our true selves

  Do you want to find out who you really are? How do we shed our egos and see beyond this limited self?  Discover by following my line of thought in this post.

  Our concept of SELF is commonly identified through 3 things.  Broken down, they are perceptions, sensations, and our thoughts. In our everyday lives, there is nothing else that our lives seem to involve.  Collectively, these 3 things seem to make up who we are on the surface level, but later you’ll come to see they are merely finite shadows of our greater infinite totality. 

  Firstly we must notice the  limited glimpses we have of each of these things, meaning our perceptions, our sensations, or our thoughts. They constantly change from one to the next. For example look at one object then look at another, touch a smooth surface, then touch a textured surface, and finally notice how wild our minds move from one thought to the next.  Through this test you’ll see how fleeting these experiences are.  If we were any of these things, we wouldn’t exist, as they all just come and go. 

  Examining this flow of ever-changing thoughts, perceptions, or sensations, we must know now that we aren’t these things. We are always present during these transitions, and always witnessing this flow. So now that we’ve separated ourselves from these items that we typically entangle ourselves with as our being, we can move on to what we really are.

  As I’ve already hinted at earlier, through all these experiences we are constantly witnessing/observing these objects coming and going.  We must conclude that we are always present watching these items, but never disappearing during these transitions. What is it that remains while these experiences simply visit us for brief moments? What is witnessing all these things during this time?  Well, it is awareness itself, or our consciousness.  We are aware of our perceptions, our sensations and our thoughts at all times. Think about that… This AWARENESS never leaves our sides. It is the underlying substrate that always eludes us because we are so distracted by our objective experiences.  Through this line of thinking we should reevaluate who we really are, or what we are made of.

  I hope this concept is conveyed through this brief explanation, and is fully understood.  As a simple person, I like to look at the smallest, most indivisible part of every situation. The mind constantly complicates things by looking outwards for answers, while in reality we must look within for our answers and our freedom.