Healing picture update August 10th 2016


My latest healing picture. A concept which isn’t easily embraced, but try and find out for yourself. Try several times to truly believe this works. Sit down in a quiet comfortable spot. Be sure to be seated, because if you have mental stress or anxiety, you may experience slight dizziness for a short while. You should also rate your pain, discomfort, or level of distress to get a baseline to compare it to later. For physical pain or any ailment you have, just keep your eyes on the picture. Imagine your eyes are a portal to absorb healing energy from my picture. While staring blankly at the image, and not trying to pay attention to the details of the image, bring your attention to your body part which needs attention. The healing energy is emitted from the image, and transferred through your eyes, and your mind or attention directs this energy to the places needed. Please keep in mind a Tylenol pill will take up to 15 min or more to experience a drop in pain levels, if used correctly, this image will yield results in 2 minutes. Heat, tingling, throbbing, are all common sensations felt when using these images. For more severe cases, your focus and dedication are required. If you found this worked time and time again, please share with friends or family who need help. Also if you’d like to find out more about this and my journey, please subscribe at formlessmovement.com to receive emails about updated pictures, like my page on Facebook, check my images out on instagram or find me on YouTube under the same name.  Also if you’ve found relief from my images, please consider a donation below to formless movement to continue my work and the spreading of my teachings.  Use the images as often as needed, there is no limit to the energy. I plan on traveling to places that want to learn healing, or generally need healing in the future. No amount donated is too small because I am grateful and appreciate your belief and support in my cause.  Thank you very much for visting my site, and may you all be healed.