Free networking party September 27th 2016!

On Tuesday September 27th, Norman the creator of Formless Movement will be hosting a COMPLETELY FREE networking party. The evening will include various speakers from several holistic practices demonstrating their methods of healing and of couse there will be a fair amount of FREE healthy vegan food available for the people attending. The food will be made by Amanda Franko, an awesome vegan chef who helped with my gathering the last time. She has some amazing creations to share with us that night so don’t miss out!

My line up of speakers this time will be as follows…

Elena Nesterenko who works with Family Constellations. A soul work uncovering bloackages that prevent you from living a happy, healthy, successful life. Here’s her link for further details. | (647)367-6073

Peter Lozano and his take on his healing art. “We have various energy systems within our being; from chakras to auras to elements and so much more! The more we are aware of what we are, the fuller our lives become. For this session, Peter will discuss a little bit about bringing more awareness and passion to your daily life and finish with a guided meditation in connecting with the chakras with the help of the drums.
Peter is a teacher and guide within the Modern Mystery School. With over 10 years of experience, his goal is to empower others, that they may live a life of passion and joy, that we may all come to know ourselves as a God or Goddess.”

Grant Jung is a Master Hypnotist, and was trained by writer/speaker Dolores Cannon in QHHT Past Life Regression. He believes that deep negative emotion or thought pattern are the main causes of chronic diseases. Hypnosis is one of the tools Grant uses to help his clients – to change their minds and change their lives. Tonight Grant will give us a brief group demonstration of trance.

Finally there’s me Norman. The creator of Formless Movement Energy healing. I work on physical emotional and dimensional issues. I’ll be doing a very brief demo of healing and infusing of water or whatever drink you’re having at the moment during the party.

We will try to place the demos right at the beginning of the night starting at 7pm and they will go on for the first hour, then the night begins with the mingling and networking. Please feel free to ask any of the presenters questions.

So if you are intersted in alternative ways of healing emotionally or physically, this night could open up a whole new world for you, and the best part is it is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Please share with others who might need some of these potential services or want to just meet like minded individuals. Thank you.dandelion-445228_640_20160913012747513

September healing picture updated!


My latest healing picture, updated and more effective! Stare blankly into this image and empty your mind. As you tap into the limitless energy infused into my image, bring your awareness to an area where you feel pain or discomfort. Be sure to rate your pain and sit down in a quiet place before you begin. Rate your pain before looking at the image, and after looking at the image to realize the effectiveness of the image. Within 1 min, you’ll feel a sensation which is typically but not limited to buzzing, numbness, coolness, tingling, throbbing, heat. If you use it for mental healing, do not be surprised that you will experience dizziness for about 10 to 20 seconds after you stop looking at this image. Good luck with your healing.