Free Healing Meditation in Richmond Hill!

I’m planning to build a foundation for my future students, and I’m looking for people with physical ailments. I’ll be holding a FREE group meditation at a park which can often help with various physical discomforts.

There will be no one on one work being done by me but I’ll be under the PICNIC SHELTER in Richmond Green from 7 to 8pm providing free energy for the taking. (Pets are welcome too) Just sit under the area and see what will happen to your pains.

Please inform me of your participation in my group because I will not intrude by offering anything to people not wanting this service.

Any healers in the Markham/Richmond Hill area wanting to connect, assist or just discuss energy philosophy, please come by and visit.

I will be the Asian man with long graying hair under the PICNIC SHELTER so please approach me and notify me of your participation.

Join the Movement!

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