Instructional videos

These videos are essentially what I teach my students in class. They will improve your concentration and focus. This one is on mindfulness.



This video is on feeling the energy that surrounds us.  This will allow you to practice 2 things at a time.  You’ll be able to cultivate energy and do meditation at the same time.



Going deeper into your meditation, and transcending your 5 physical senses.  Broken down into a concise explaination— notice firstly where your attention lies.  Essentially your awareness is in either your mind, or focused on the present moment, so try to guide your mind onto the 5 senses bringing you to the present moment.  After some practice, you’ll be 95 percent on the right track, which means you’ll be nearly completely focused on one of the 5 senses and just veering off into thoughts on occasion.  When you notice this transition, place your focus now on how much effort you are exerting to stay focused on your 5 senses.  Again, after some more practice, you’ll find that the effort in keeping on track isn’t needed, and you’ve naturally relaxed into this state.  At this moment your effort disappears leaving you with no thoughts, and no effort to be found.  At this point of the meditation, you’ll find yourself in a state of pure emptiness.  Good luck.



The basics of healing.  See how this works out for you.  Good luck.




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