Getting over Money and Sprituality

I was struggling with this concept of money and spirituality from the beginning, and was having a hard time.  I saw myself run from the idea, since I felt it was wrong.  I always equated spirituality with being poor, simple and to never involve money.  Well, times have changed, and I’ve come to a peaceful middle ground with it.  I’m not Deepak and I’m not a monk… yet.  🙂

I looked at several things in my situation.  First of all, I’m not here on this earth to be a martyr, or set my goal to suffer, so why should I?  To be totally honest, I dedicate hours of my life just immersed in deep contemplation.  I can tell you now that who I was a couple years ago, you can’t apply to who I am now.  My friends and my past students would all know this. I have acquired a lot of knowledge of life and myself through self inquiry.  This knowledge, although I gained through doing what I love, is of great value.  To dismiss what I’ve accumulated and built up over these years would equate to lacking self love.  This isn’t an arrogant point of view as I’m sure many people who have met me consider me very humble.  If you don’t value your time, nobody will.  They will consider what you offer garbage.  Unfortunately, in this material world, people still equate money with value.  I tried to give my knowledge away for free, but without a background, it just doesn’t work.  YouTube and Reddit just can’t cut it.  I also prefer direct teaching as my “students” can ask me on the fly.  The nominal fee I charge is very worth it, as I will incorporate life philosophy, healing skills, and inner peace.  I don’t think people would believe me unless I charged some money.  They have no clue what sort of deal they will be getting, as I streamline my class.

  My last class consisting of 14 people taught me to not have that many people at once.  Also that I want quality more than anything else.  I will do more personal guidance with each person so that they grow more rapidly.  Anyhow, coming back to the topic of money and spirituality, if you don’t value your time and efforts, nobody will.  Respect and love yourself.

Secondly, without money, I can’t spread this knowledge.  If I didn’t receive the donations from so many generous and supportive people, I wouldn’t have launched the group.  I may lose out a bit of money at the beginning, but I have confidence that my “formless movement” will expand in some unknown way.  That is precisely one of the reasons I named it “formless movement”, because I knew I had a general direction I wanted to take this philosophy of healing, but there was no clear defined way of doing so.  I just had faith or a gut feeling that I should just try it and see.  Whatever the outcome, it’ll be one hell of a ride!  As you know, it isn’t the destination, but the path along the way.  So to acquire funds to apply to expanding my philosophy is now my goal.  I love my current job, but I love my hobby too.  I’m hoping to gather what I need, and then apply it to spreading my knowledge further than my local area.

To continue with this idea, if an energy healer decided to set forth a price, nobody is forced to pay it.  Nobody is putting a gun to your head.  You can see if it’s something you want to pay for or not.  I mean there are a myriad of options nowadays when it comes to people and their healing modalities.  I find it funny when people actually get mad when they see the price of a service, because again, nobody is forcing it down your throat.  I think it’s even worse if they say something along the lines of  “Oh come on, can’t you just help me out here and zap it?  It’s no big deal right?”.  Well if it’s no big deal, then I suppose you won’t mind if I don’t!  At that point, sometimes I wonder who the selfish ones really are.  Instead of placing blame on the healer, they should in fact look at themselves.  So place what you think you are worth on your price, and let the people decide if they want to see you for your services.

Finally, I think I saw money as evil.  The root of all evil as I’ve heard the people say. Well, it can be evil if you allow it to consume you.  In essence, money isn’t inherently evil, it’s just a neutral tool to be used.  To help others, money would be a great tool to have on your side, so don’t reject it.  If anything, be accepting of it if someone offers it to you.  I experienced it today when a friend offered me more money than I asked for, and later, she said she wants to just feel fair.  The exchange of funds for what I had offered her didn’t feel equal.  I think you all know that feeling when you feel you just owe someone something more, but you just weren’t allowed to or denied the opportunity.  Just switch positions, and I think you’ll understand where they’re coming from.  So lose that feeling as if money is evil.  It really is a tool to be used in this material world to do good if you choose.

  After looking at these examples closely, I realized where and how money could fit into spirituality.  If you are fortunate to be able to accumulate money through your spiritual work, it doesn’t stop you from offering free work later, or support a cause with the money you’ve received.  Money doesn’t automatically end up buying the next fashion item that’s hot, or thrown towards something shallow in nature.  It can be used to reach people needing help in their lives.  Real needs, and not just wants.  So don’t judge yourself or the spiritual person who seems to make a living from their practices.  Sometimes it’s their only way to make an income to support their family.  I know I’ve changed my view, and I hope I’ve changed your perspective as well.  Good luck and spread your art to the world.

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