What exactly is Formless Movement?

For people in 2019 who have found this site and looking for my definition of Formless Movement, you may watch my current video on YouTube HERE<-click this, or if you enjoy reading, continue down below.

I’ve heard this asked several times now, so I’ve decided to post it here. Formless movement is an ever changing philosophy. It explores and tries to leave no stone unturned in order to seek the truth. It isn’t static and should be seen as very individual. Everyone must find their own path and their own way. This can’t be achieved by following anyone, not even me unfortunately. I’m merely a stepping stone on your way to your own truth. I’ll try to be a resource at best, but in the end of what I try to teach, It’ll be up to each and every one of you to find your personal way in life.

Formless movement also represents a healing style which isn’t contained by any steps or even beliefs. It is a freestyle type of healing. If I didn’t have to give it a name I wouldn’t. I realized in order to get the knowledge out to the people, there must be a level of “branding”. I find this unfortunate, though I realize it must be done. The label itself usually limits your abilities, because you aren’t allowed to veer off the path of your modality or you’re scolded for doing so. Well Formless Movement has no set rules, meaning no boundaries, and this is what I feel is missing from other modalities. Freedom to create and expand!

Formless Movement pertains to also another meaning. It would be a movement of maybe a handful of people who understand that being formless is the way to expand into the future. I just want to make a ripple in this pond so that the information gets passed down and out towards other people. The manner in which I do this is actually unknown and again formless. I’ll just begin my ripple and see where this leads. I wish everyone luck.

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