Demonstrations to “qualify” me as a practitioner of internal arts

My video on YouTube displaying internal resilience to heat.  It is becoming a moving state of meditation that hardly requires concentration.  You can see this by my talking normally without being in a quiet dormant state of focus.

This second video is of me doing a technique similar to Tummo meditation that the Tibetan monks do.  You’ll see later in the video where I smear snow on my arm that my inner temperature resists the cold possibly more that most people turning the snow into rising steam.

My third video displaying my version of external energy use on clouds. It seems I can make them dissolve. I’ve been having fun with this one.

My fourth video showing early signs of pyrokinesis using an infrared temperature gun to test accuracy of the surface temperature.

Watch these videos and decide on your own. I’m not forcing anything on anyone. I’m just offering these videos out for anyone who wants to watch them, and as a résumé for my qualifications. Enjoy 🙂

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